Advance Notice Glos. Track & Field Championships (and request for help)

Please make a note in your calendar, the Gloucestershire Track & Field Championships, Part 1 & 2, will be held on 11th and 12th May 2019 at The Prince of Wales Stadium in Cheltenham.

Part 3 will be held on 30th August at the Blackbridge Jubilee Track in Gloucester.

Glos AAA has requested we put an alert out for help at this important event in the Gloucestershire athletics calendar. If you can help out in any way, on any of these dates, please get in touch with Mick Morris, secretary at Glos AAA via this email link -

You may also be interested in taking the opportunity to stretch your skills into officiating, you know the sort of thing - time keeping, field or track marshal, starter's assistant, time keeping etc. For more information about officiating see this link to the UKA website:…, if it "spikes" (sorry for the pun!) some interest please make contact with Mick Morris at the email above.