Club offer for Pilates Session

EMS Piltaes offer

Our Club members have been offered a special offer of 6 Pilates classes for the price of 5. 

So for a total of £37.50 you would get a block of 6 Pilates classes and a free 1:1 induction into the Pilates class.

The usual price would be £45 (at £7.50 a class).

The classes would be starting Wednesday 17th October, 7:30-8:30pm. Although I can be pretty flexible with the start dates so they can complete any one to one inductions prior to starting the class.

If interested in joining they can contact me at 

The Physiotherapist led Pilates classes would be perfect for any ability level. For any runners looking to improve core strength or any runners looking to keep up general fitness while out injured.