Cotswold Way Relay Results

Cotwsold way 1

Firstly I would like to thanks everyone who ran yesterday on an exceptionally hot day.

The 3 teams consisted of the following runners:

Stage Senior Men Senior Ladies Stroud Mixed Team
Leg 1 Ian News Tegan Hooper Nicholas Hitchcroft
Leg 2 Lee Stopford Dorothy Livabella Steve Hurn 
Leg 3 Jason Barry Jo Fifield Tony Liviabella
Leg 4 Will Hartop Kimberley Newcombe Lee Christmas
Leg 5 Graham Robinson Hayley Stockwell Tony Buckland
Leg 6 John teirney Sophie bruce Ian Booty
Leg 7 Alan Pitt Helen Bloodworth  Jo Stevenson
Leg 8 Martin Wood Seila Blanco Paul Flinn
Leg 9 Mark Dyer Alison Robinson Clive Poole
Leg 10 Martin Humphries Chrissie Horak Paul Matarazzo

The final results have now been published and we have done even better than last year.

The Senior Mens Team claimed 3rd place with a combined time of 13:19:54

The Senior Ladies Team claimed 4th place with a combined time of 17:18:38 (35th overall) - 1 place better than last year.

The Mixed Team came 11th place with a combined time of 17:13:25 (32nd place overall) 0 10 places better than last year

I would especially like to thank the reserve runners who stepped in to complete the teams, especially Jo Stevenson who stepped into Leg 7 of the Mixed team with 4 days to go and did not have time to recce the route.

A full report will be published later this week.