Jonathan fundraising for V6 all-terrain Frontier wheelchair

My name is Jonathan Brough and I have been living with a spinal cord injury for the last 12 years. Back in 2007 while I was out in Canada training to be a Ski Instructor, I contracted meningococcal meningitis this caused me to be seriously ill and resulted in me being paralysed from C1/C2 and ventilator dependant. Changing my life completely.

The fundraising I’m currently doing is to help me purchase a new wheelchair which is designed to enable me to do more of the things I used to love that sadly my current chair doesn’t allow.

The new chair would allow me to compete in many more races such as the one I’m doing in Cherrington, I know this course isn’t off road but the new chair is not only more robust but also FASTER. It has the capacity to go further aswell, which would mean I would be able to compete in ½ marathons once again.

Unfortunately, this comes at a rather high cost, so I’m going to be approaching local charities and also doing some fundraising myself to try and achieve my goal. Any donations received are greatly appreciated, you can follow my story and see what I get up to once I have my news wheels on my Facebook/ Instagram. I will keep the SADAC pages updated!