British Athletics: “Lets Talk About Race”


Our sport is the most diverse sport globally, however British Athletics recognises as an organisation we don’t fully reflect the athletes who win our medals in a GB vest. This fact is being addressed in line with our Diversity Action Plan, to make change, but in light of the recent George Floyd tragedy, this is the time we need to engage with our athletics family and have a conversation about Race.

The killing of George Floyd in the USA has impacted so many people, which has raised the awareness of racism in the world; therefore we will be holding a series of virtual ‘Let’s talk about Race’ roundtable sessions for athletes, coaches, officials, fans, volunteers and athletics workforce to explore the experiences of black people in the sport.  These sessions will have no agenda, but will allow an open discussion, share experiences with outcomes feeding into the long term plan to address Race in athletics. 

To ensure everyone has the opportunity to speak, we will limit the spaces to 10 people per session and will be booked on a first come first served basis. If we are oversubscribed we will arrange further sessions to accommodate. To register, please email with the subject ‘Let’s talk about Race’