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Cherington 10K – Private Club Race

Private Race for Club Members only

Date: Tuesday July 19th TBC

The race will start at 19:00.  Please allow sufficient time to pick up your race number.

A private race only open to current Stroud Athletic Club Members around the undulating country roads of Cherington.

Venue: Starting at Coxes Farm (parking by the barns next to the finish)

Entry is free and a small buffet will be available.

Do feel free to bring a picnic and drinks as well as chairs / picnic rug etc.

Note: No First Aid will be available on the night – runners run at their own risk
Runners agree to this condition by taking part.

Click here to see historic race results

You can see the course below alongside various different layers to show mile / KM markers, marshal points, water stations and signage.

You can see the course elevation here.

Course records 

PositionTimeFirst NameSurnameTeamYearComment
100:32:48AnderRussellStroud & District AC2011Stroud & District Record / Course Record
100:33:27JackTurnerStroud & District AC2017Male Junior Record
100:32:48AnderRussellStroud & District AC2011Stroud & District AC Mens Record
600:38:44SteveLintonAlmost Athletes2014All Comers Mens Record
100:33:45LeeStopfordStroud & District AC2021MV35 Record
1600:34:46RogerWilliams-CampStroud & District AC2011MV40 Record
100:37:07JasonBarryStroud & District AC2018MV45 Record
600:37:58SimonFortnamStroud & District AC2021MV50 Record
500:38:23LeeChristmasStroud & District AC2015MV55 Record
1100:42:23MarioMcnamaraStroud & District AC2018MV60 Record
2000:46:03JonBroughStroud & District AC2017MV65 Record
2100:47:56JonBroughStroud & District AC2022MV70 Record 
5100:49:51LucyHancockStroud & District AC2015Female Junior Record
6 00:39:17GemmaHargravesAlmost Athletes2015All Comers Female Record
1000:38:59JaneWassellStroud & District AC2012Stroud & District AC Female Record
1000:38:59JaneWassellStroud & District AC2012FV35 Record
600:38:59JaneWassellStroud & District AC2012FV 45 Record
3700:52:16JeanBryanAlmost Athletes2012FV55 Record