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Club Runner of the Month Award

Each month club members can vote on the “Runner of the Month”.

Any club member can nominate another member who they think have have made an impact, whether that is for their commitment to the club, their athletic performances, their support during group runs or for that matter any other reason you think they deserve recognition. The nominees are then voted on by our members who receive the monthly club newsletter. You can nominate a member by emailing our chairman.


Runner of the Month Roll of Honour

January – Darren Jewell
February – Sharon Stevenson
March – Annie Testar
April – Sabrina Pace-Humphries
May – Lee Stopford
June – Helen Hurn
July – Mario Mcnamara
August – Bill Chandler
September – Hayley Stockwell
October – Jack Turner
November – ?


March – Ryan Major
April – Tom Mortimer
May – Jan Chinnick
June – Jo Fifield
July – Jo Stevenson
August – Sabrina Pace-Humphries
September – Richard Crampton
October – Alan Pitt
November – Jim Adams
December – Alastair Campbell