Cotswold Way Association and the Cotswold Challenge

Thank you for continuing to be an Associate Member of the Cotswold Way Association (CWA) – we really value your ongoing support.

The CWA is a registered charity with Action Challenge, an organisation you may be familiar with for putting on long distance challenges around the country. Throughout the month of January Action Challenge is reducing their registration fee for participants who will be running or walking to raise funds for charities registered with them – i.e. the CWA!

In June 2022 I will be undertaking the 100km Cotswold Challenge to help raise funds for the CWA. There are also 50km and 25km events being held at the same time. With that in mind I wondered whether you would tell your members about the challenge in case any of them are interested in participating. Full details of the event can be found at: . Any of your members who sign up during January will get a 50% discount on the registration fee if they use this code NYCHARITY22 so please do inform them about this.

It would be great to know that some of your members were running or walking the event on the day I will be doing it!