Cotswold Way virtual Challenge 2020

Cotswold way

Unfortunately, this year there is no Cotswold Way Relay which is always a big event in Stroud & District Athletic Club’s year, so Jason Barry has suggested a virtual 2020 Cotswold Way Challenge as an alternative to foster our great club spirit.

What do I have to do?

Similar to our London Marathon weekend challenge. This time the Challenge is to get as many people in the club and their families to run or walk a section of the Cotswold Way wearing their club colours. Details of the route can be found here

How far do I have to run?

Distance or speed doesn’t matter –  it’s just about completing at least one run predominantly on the Cotswold Way (you can start from your home or drive somewhere to get on the Cotswold Way). So it could be a 30 min jog around Standish Woods, your favourite leg of the actual Cotswold Way Relay or take in a landmark like Cleeve Hill or the Tyndale Monument. The emphasis is on having fun and hitting the trails, enjoying the local scenery wearing club colours and sharing achievements.

When is it?

Any day between Saturday 27th June to Sunday 12th July. The Relay was due on 4th July but because the footpaths are very busy at the moment we have decided to extend this to the weekends either side of the original weekend. The good news is that gives you lots more opportunities to run when it suits you in the week or during the weekends.

Who can I run with?

You can run (or walk) with your family/own household or pets. If you want to run with club colleagues for more fun, current social distancing rules apply so currently no more than 6 in a group. Please keep your 2M distance and show courtesy if you meet other walkers, cyclists or runners.

How do I enter?

It costs nothing to enter and it’s really simple. If you’re a member of the Stroud & District AC club group on Strava just name your run(s) as ‘Stroud AC Cotswold Way Challenge’, you can post your run in the club’s private Facebook group or email details and selfies to We want to see lots of photos/selfies having fun in club kit with the Cotswold Way as a scenic backdrop.

At the end of the challenge we will add up all the miles covered and look to award small prizes for ‘King and Queen of the Mountain’ for the most elevation gained overall, distance covered, best photo/selfie in club kit and who has taken on the spirit of the Cotswold Way Relay throughout the challenge. The CWR Team Managers and Chairman, Jim Adams, will judge the prizes.

Good luck and have fun!