Covid Recovery Survey sent out to all Members

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  • It’s more than four months since we were last able to train and compete together and I hope you have all been safe and well. It has been very encouraging to see members getting out, remaining active and enjoying the various “Virtual Challenges” that have been going on.
  • As restrictions have now started to ease, the Club has formed a small group, co-ordinated by Jo Stevenson, to plan how we can safely return to more organised group activities. Current guidance allows groups of up to 6 people to exercise and train together in public outdoor spaces provided they maintain social distancing, or a maximum of 12 per coach if we can show that we are “COVID-secure”.
  • The safety and wellbeing of all athletes, runners, coaches and the wider community is at the heart of this guidance. As a first step we are keen to establish how our members are feeling about returning to the Club and to listen to your thoughts and suggestions.
  • There will need to be some changes to the way we operate as Archway School is not available for our use before September at the earliest and so we have sent an email out to all current members asking for their thoughts on returning to athletics to help us plan a safe return for those who want to.
  • If you have not received a copy but would like to take part you can do by following this link.