England Athletics affiliation fees 2022/23


The affiliation and registration fees for 2022/23 will be as follows:

  • Club and member body affiliation fee will remain at £150 per club/member body.
  • Athlete registration fee will increase to £16 per person. Following the decision to not increase the athlete registration fee from £15 to £16 in 2020 as planned and to keep it fixed in 2021/22 as well, through consultation with the Regional Councils we feel that after a period of five years without change, a small increase in 2022/23 is appropriate to help us to maximise investment back into the sport to support competition, clubs, coaches, officials and talented athletes.
  • Club, member body affiliation and athlete registration fees will be payable from April 1st onwards with all clubs required to affiliate by 30 April with the athlete registration cut-off date, for those existing (2021-22) England Athletics registered athletes being 30 June. Should clubs wish to pay their athlete registration fees on 1 April or soon after as they would ordinarily do then that is absolutely fine.
  • Club athletes and runners that were not registered with England Athletics during 2021/22 would need to register before their first competition.
  • As has been the case since 2020 our club and athlete affiliation packs will be available digitally in the myAthletics portal.