Frampton 10k Final Race Instructions



The 2021 Frampton 10k will take place on Monday June 28th starting at 19:30.

Race HQ and Start location: Village Green, Frampton On Severn, GL2 7EP

The Race will be a chip timed Time Trial type event – GUN time will not be used.

Parking: Parking will be clearly signed and is on the main road into Frampton.  Please use the car park – DO NOT PARK on the green as there is no parking for race entrants in that area.

Race Results – These will be available after the event at this website:


Click here to view the map


The race is being run using an ARRIVE / RUN / LEAVE protocol.

Please ARRIVE as close to the start time as you feel comfortable with – the race is a chip timed time trial type event and you will get an accurate time for your RUN. Please can we ask that you LEAVE as soon as possible after the race.

The pre run brief is available on the internet / club website and on Facebook, please take your time to read it. Click here to read them.

If you have any COVID symptoms at all please DO NOT attend the event. If you are unsure please DO NOT attend the event. If you have been asked by Track and Trace to self isolate please do not put your other competitors at risk and please DO NOT attend the event.

Please wear a face mask / buff / snood whilst at the event and if possible please wear it until you cross the start line to help keep all competitors and volunteers safe.

Please try to maintain a social distance from other competitors where possible.

The race will be started in 4 waves with wave 1 starting at 19:30 and then each other wave going in an organised rolling start.

  • Wave 1 – Finish time under 45 minutes
  • Wave 2 – Estimated finish time under 55 minutes
  • Wave 3 – Estimated finish time under 65 minutes
  • Wave 4 – all other runners


The wave pen areas will be on the path running along the side of the green NOT the main road as normal. 

Please try to stay socially distanced in the wave areas and wear a face mask.

After the race please do not gather in groups larger than the current guidelines allow and please leave the event area as soon as possible after you have finished the race. We do not want to cause local residents any issues.

If you have any other questions please contact us and we will try to answer them.

Looking forward to seeing you at the race,

Stroud & District AC



This is an important aspect of the race; it highlights the valid issues raised in the risk assessment, and normally informs the competitors immediately before the race start.

  • Please wear a mask and keep this on until you have started running.
  • The Race is Chip timed and results will be in the form of a time trial. Gun Time will not be used for this event.
  • Runners will be walked to the start in four waves.
    • Wave 1- Sub 45 minute finish time
    • Wave 2 – Sub 55 minute finish time
    • Wave 3 Sub 65 minute finish time
    • Wave 4 – All other runners
  • Each wave of runners will be set off separately.
  • You are running on public highways, and so traffic will be on the roads.  There are no formal road closures.
  • Please ensure you pay attention to the Marshals.
  • Do not wear an mp3 player or similar music device as you will not be able to hear the Marshals instructions.  You will be disqualified. UKA approved earphones are allowed.
  • Please be aware of any minor road defects.
  • Ensure you follow the Highway Code when running on roads.
  • Please stay on the left side of the road unless instructed otherwise.
  • Please follow the marshals instructions before the canal bridge coming back and stay on the right hand side of the road.
  •  Please take on fluids in this hot weather. Water will be available at the finish.
  • At the finish please keep to the grass when directed.
  • There will be a lead car and sweep bike. The pacing of runners by cyclists is not permitted.
  • Significant monies raised for charities over the years
  • Do not forget your bottle of cider at the end and then in line with current COVID legislation disperse.

Thank you to everyone for entering and hope you all have an enjoyable run.

Also thank you to all those who have made this race possible in these challenging times.

We look forward to seeing you again in 2022 when hopefully the race will be run under more normal circumstances.