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Frampton 10k – Initial Race Instructions


Today we sent this email to all runners who are registered to take part in the Frampton 10k on Monday 4th July.

Final instructions will follow next week.

Dear Runner,

The 2022 Frampton 10k will take place on Monday July 4th starting at 19:30.

Race HQ and Start location: Village Green, Frampton On Severn, GL2 7EP.

Parking: Parking will be clearly signed and is on the main road into Frampton.  Please use the car park – DO NOT PARK on the green as there is no parking for race entrants in that area.

If you have any COVID symptoms at all please DO NOT attend the event.

If you are unsure please DO NOT attend the event.

The race will be started in 4 waves with wave 1 starting at 19:30 and then each other wave going in an organised rolling start as we did in 2021.

  • Wave 1 – Finish time under 45 minutes
  • Wave 2 – Estimated finish time under 55 minutes
  • Wave 3 – Estimated finish time under 65 minutes
  • Wave 4 – all other runners

More details on exactly how this will be set out and operate will be sent to you next week.

After the race please do not gather in groups larger than the current guidelines allow and please leave the event area as soon as possible after you have finished the race. We do not want to cause local residents any issues.

Race Numbers: These will have been sent out and you should have received them by Wednesday 29th, if you have not please contact us via email at 

Toilets: There will be toilets at the start area and at the finish area. Please use the toilet facilities provided.

Water Stations: Water will be available at about 7.5km and after you cross the finish line. This means we expect all runners to be self-sufficient for water over the 10k course. Please come prepared with a water bottle if you want to take water during the race.

The Race: 

  • Please run on the left hand side of the road at all times
  • Please watch for potholes / uneven road surfaces
  • Please follow any instructions from the team of marshals who are there for your safety.
  • Please be respectful of your other competitors

CIDER: Ashton Manor will be providing the post-race Cider to all competitors, Alcohol free and low alcohol cider will be available. They are also offering a 10% discount on their online store with the code FRAMPTON10. There will be no other prizes this year

Headphones: Please be aware that this race is held on open roads and in line with UKA guidance no headphones will be allowed so that you can hear traffic and marshals instructions. Bone conducting headphones will be allowed in line with UKA guidelines this year.

Race Transfers: These are now closed, and no runner should attempt to run under someone else’s name. We will disqualify any runners who complete under another runner’s name and they may get a ban from future races.

Looking forward to seeing you at the race,

Stroud & District AC