Junior Section

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Junior Section Background

The Junior Group (ages 8-10) – Kate Bankes and Jo Stevenson

The fundamental group of athletes is composed of youngsters between the ages of 8 and 10 from a wide range of local primary schools in the Stroud area. Children are taught the fundamental principles of running, jumping and throwing in a relaxed and fun setting. The emphasis is very much on ensuring children are happy, having fun, socialising and mixing well within the group whilst undertaking athletic activities and games. Children learn new skills progressively through demonstrations, and are given plenty of opportunities to have a go at, and practise skills learned through a range of different activities and within games.

Sometimes, games will incorporate an element of mild light hearted competition which always goes down well!

The group undertake the odd park run together, and always take on a very challenging fund raising event for Sport relief, both of which are celebrated afterwards with much cake and other sugary treats!

The group is run by Kate Bankes, and supported by Jo Stevenson, and usually a couple of GCSE PE students who are also athletes training with and competing for Stroud.

Kate Bankes

I have 8 years of experience of running the group. I became involved with the club through my own childrens’ involvement with athletics and really enjoyed helping out and being involved. I therefore  participated in a coaching assistant and then an athletics coaching course. I took over the group when the opportunity arose. I am a secondary science school teacher by profession, but for the last 10 years I have worked on our family farm in Bisley, hosting primary school visits, and spending days in the woods with a whole array of different school children of all ages and from all backgrounds. Many of the children that arrive at the club are surprised to see “the lady from Copsegrove farm that we toasted marshmallows with” running the group!

I firmly believe in the importance of making children feel at ease, comfortable with and welcomed by the group when they first join, and try and maintain an atmosphere that is always warm and relaxed, positive and supportive, and fun, so that children feel confident and can reach their fullest potential within their time with us.

The 12-19 age group – Chris Brown and Marnee Tootell

Cross country, track (middle distance and long sprints).