Manchester Gold Standard BMC

  • Tom brimming with confidence after his 5000m Bronze medal at the British Championships 10 days ago, was so very close to his goal!
  • Tom Mortimer returned to Manchester last night in the mens 3000m A race, in his quest to break the 8min barrier. After Tom took 14s off is PB in August he was the 2nd fastest in the field.
  • Very quickly the pace maker pulled away from the field with the 2 fastest runners after 3 laps the pacer dropped out and Tom stretched his legs and immediately opened up a 20m lead, the lead continued to grow over the remaining 4 laps to nearly 100m as he ran solo to stop the clock at 8min 00.99s.
  • He just needed some competition! Anyway another PB by 3.26s
  • Tom will race again at 8pm on Friday night in Nuneaton in the BMC 1500m A race, targeting 3min 45s