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Membership App FAQ’s

The clubs membership system is available as a mobile app for both IOS and Android devices.

You can download it from the App store on your mobile device by searching for the LoveAdmin app:


Purchasing 40 year Anniversary T-Shirts and other Optional Extras

CLICK here to read how to purchase an OPTIONAL EXTRA using the website or Mobile App.

The app itself provides access to your club account and you can update your personal details safely and securely, make membership payments or purchase optional extras (such as UKA or Tri team membership)

Once you have donwloaded the app you will need to login using your username and password.

You can reset your password via the membership system online using the link forgot password.

After you log in you have access to all aspects of the clubs membership system. 

Personal Details



The personal details section allows you to update your personal details and 


that of any family member that you manage.


From the payments screen you can see any payments that are due or any payments that you have made.

Optional Extras

The Optional extras screen allows you to sign up for any optional extras from the club, such as UKA membership or Tri Team membership