Marathon Q&A – Wednesday 24th October @ 19:30pm at Archway

Marathon Q and A

Marathon Q and A

Wednesday 24th October  7.30pm @ Archway

An evening aimed at everyone in the club who is interested in the marathon, from first timers through to experienced marathoners and those who are curios.

We will discuss what makes a marathon different from other distances and how to train and prepare for it. 

Timed for straight after the stroud half to help those thinking about marathons in spring 2019 and beyond.

As well as sharing what he has learnt from six years of marathon running and five sub 3 hour marathons John Tierney will share training plan resources you can use and a bit of the theory behind them.

There’ll also be a brief outline of the training plan he and Alan Pitt will have on offer for this winter with the aim of keeping a group of marathon runners able to run together on club nights not all following different plans! 

We’ll create a WhatsApp group too for anyone interested in marathons this winter to stay in touch and share experience and knowledge, plan weekend runs, compare blisters etc.

Please contact us using this form if you can’t come along on the night but want to be included.