Open Letter about 2020/21 Membership

Dear Member, We are very sorry that it has been necessary to suspend all Club activities until further notice due to the Coronavirus outbreak and thank you all for your patience and co-operation in following the guidance from the Government and England Athletics to help us all stay safe. The Club committee has decided unanimously to refund all Club membership and Tri-team fees already paid for the year commencing 1 Apr 2020 and your payments will be returned very shortly. These arrangements will be reviewed when “normal service” can resume and the committee will decide what fees (if any) are appropriate for the remainder of the year. UKA has also implemented a reduced affiliation fee of £15, rather than the previously published amount of £16. We will be making this adjustment on the membership system today for any new UKA membership requirements but for those of you that have already paid UKA fees at the £16 rate, if you would like a £1 rebate then please contact us, if we do not hear from you then we will assume that you are happy for the Club to retain the extra £1 you have already paid. The membership fee we have charged for Juniors also includes the UKA affiliation fee. With the Junior members we will have to refund the full membership fee and so any Juniors over 11 requiring UKA affiliation for competition with need to take a Junior UKA membership rate which we will make available the website today and make the new payment of £15. We apologise for this inconvenice but it is the only way we can process the membership refunds. Your Club membership for 2020/21 will remain intact but a s a free service at present and we hope to see you all back as soon as we possibly can. In the meantime, please stay safe, fit and active within the confines of your homes and Government guidelines and you can read more about England Athletics Coronavirus guidelines here. Regards Stroud & District AC Committee