Our Races

Our Club Races

Each year we put on a number of races for both Club members and other athletes.

You can sign up for advance notification of entry dates here.

Details of the different races can be found below.

Stroud Beer Race – June 1st @ 19:00

Frampton 10k – June 29th @ 19:30

Cherington 10K – Private Club Race – July 9th @ 19:00

Standish Woodland Chase – August 9th @ 10:00

Woodchester Park – September 6th @ 10:00

Stroud Half Marathon  – [Event Support Information] – October 25th @ 09:00

The Roger Briers race series, which comprises of The Stroud Beer Race, Standish Woodland Chase and Woodchester Park.

All races are run under UKA rules.

Wearing of personal listening devices i.e. iPods is prohibited and could lead to disqualification (this applies to ALL runners)

Marshaling and recording of times/positions will be withdrawn after the cutoff time has been reached

Prizes must be collected at the event otherwise all rights to prizes will be forfeited.

You can sign up for information on our races by clicking here.