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Our Run Leaders

Helen Hurn

I have been running with Stroud AC since 2013. I have completed the UK Athletics ‘Leader in Running Fitness’ course.

I joined a gym in 2007 when I realized how unfit and out of shape I was. In 2010 my husband encouraged me to start running, I wasn’t overly keen but I was bored with the gym. An acquaintance (already a Stroud member) encouraged me to join the running club. Within 8 months I ran my first half marathon and then my first marathon in 2016. I haven’t looked back since. My proudest running achievement was crossing the finish line in The London Marathon.

I was born in Stroud and had never really appreciated what was on my doorstep until the trail running bug took over and I now spend what spare time I have out in our beautiful countryside.

I have met lots of new friends, many of whom I now socialize with outside of running.

Jim Adams

I started running in the early 1980’s when I realised that my work in front of a computer screen was doing nothing for my fitness and wellbeing! My first challenge was the first Cheltenham Half Marathon and I so enjoyed getting out in the fresh air that I have been running ever since.

I joined Stroud AC when we moved to Stroud in 2005 for the company and the motivation of running with a friendly group. Since then my participation at the club has grown to become a UKA Coach in Running Fitness and Chair of the Club. I love running outside on the beautiful tracks and trails and through the woods around Stroud, but my real interest is in motivating and helping others to enjoy our sport and achieve their potential.

I coach at various levels within the club but in recent years I have organised the new beginners groups and helped them develop through to 5k, 10k and half marathon. Everything is possible – come and join us!

Sharon Stevenson

I’ve been running with Stroud AC since 2003. I have completed the UK Athletics ‘Leader in Running Fitness’ course.

I started running in the gym in order to lose weight and keep fit. At that stage my goal was to run 2 or 3 miles but I soon became addicted. Four months later I ran  my first Stroud Half Marathon in October in 1:59. My fastest half marathon time is now 1:43; my 10k is 46 mins. My proudest running achievement is finishing the Edinburgh Marathon in under 4 1/2 hours, raising over £1000 for the local Scooby-Doo Neo-Natal Charity.

Born and bred in Stroud, I love the amazing tracks & trails around the Stroud Valleys.  Through running I have met some great people who will be lifelong friends and I get a real buzz helping people keep fit and reach their running goals.

Ryan Major

I started  running with Stroud and District AC in 2013 after turning 40, giving up smoking and wanting a more healthy lifestyle . I had completed Stroud Half (just!) , had a London Marathon place but needed some help in training.

A friend recommended SADAC and although I was nervous found the club both welcoming and inclusive to all abilities . I went on to complete London Marathon and have gone on the run in numerous events . I’m by no means a quick runner however I have  found this isn’t an obstacle in running and taking part in the numerous running events in Gloucestershire and surrounding counties .

I have completed the UK Athletics ‘Leader in Running Fitness’ course and most enjoy taking out groups of beginners , new to running in a couch to 5k course which runs once or twice  a year.

Greg Clements

I have been running for over 20 years. I have led a group at Stroud AC for 4 years.  I love off-road running in the woods and fields around the Stroud area during spring and summer months. In the winter we make sure we stay fit enough to enjoy the summer runs when they come round again.

Alan Pitt

I’ve been running with Stroud AC for over 30 years. I’ve always been a competitive runner, and, at 55, I still regard myself as such. I have represented the club in a wide range of events including: track events, from 400m to 10,000m, including  steeple chase; cross country, in which I compete regularly in both the Gloucestershire and Gwent leagues; and road races and off-road events of all distances, from 5k to ultra. My particular passions are the Cotswold Way Relay and the Welsh Castles Relay, in which SDACs team spirit shines brightly.

Determined to encourage and support competitive running in the club, I have started the Coaching Qualification with Stroud AC. I offer constructive help to every member of the group, to help them reach their goals. The origin of ‘compete’ means to strive together; as such we are a strong, friendly group and look to help each other achieve the best we can. In races, we aim to achieve as high a position as possible, keeping SDAC amongst the leading local clubs.

Ian Cutler

I started running in my mid forties to try and get a bit fitter and shortly afterwards joined SADAC to help add some structure to my running. I found that I really enjoyed running and slowly improved my race times. I qualified as a run leader in 2019 to give back something to the club that helped me into a sport that I now really enjoy. I run most distances and my group is aimed at runners who are or want to be competitive runners but also enjoy the social aspect of running. My winter training tends to be aimed at Spring marathons while the summer sessions vary.

Adrian Stockwell

I started running 8 years ago, 2 years after my wife, and she encouraged me to go along. I went through the beginner’s course with Jim and Ryan, since then my running has been on and off mainly through injury.

As I realised I was never going to get my running to a point that I wanted to get to without injury, I decided that I would help new runners achieve their goals, and have successfully run 7 beginners courses with people progressing through to the other groups and achieving their run goals. Some of my previous beginners have gone on to run personal bests at most standard distances and one or two have gone into trail racing and ultra-marathons. I offer a beginners group environment making an inclusive run session for all abilities, The sessions are also on a Monday and Wednesday to offer additional training days.The enjoyment I get from sessions is seeing others get involved and enjoy the sport, and the rapid improvement which can be achieved in just 6 weeks. all while improving fitness levels, and gaining a love for the outdoors and our beautiful countryside in and around Stroud.

I started running about 5 years ago. Having previously served in the armed forces I had a fairly good base for fitness but not specifically for running alone.

I ran my first half marathon at Stroud in 2017 with no real structured training or guidance. Off the back of this I was introduced to SADAC since then I have not looked back, having worked my way through most of the running groups at SADAC gaining knowledge and experience along the way and achieving race/distance times I didn’t think was possible for myself.

I decided to become a run leader so that I could give something back to the club that has given me so much in helping me reach my potential and racing goals. I am an able runner over any distance on any terrain. My group will be aimed at runners who want to better themselves and progress further and become stronger and more confident Runners.

Steve Andrew

Andy Mynett

Steve Hurn


Junior Lead Coach – Chris Brown

Coaching/leading qualifications – Level 2 Coach

Junior Assistant Coach – Marnee Tootell

Coaching/leading qualifications – Level 2 Coach

Junior Assistant Coach – Steve Carr

Coaching/leading qualifications – Level 2 Coach, Jumps and Throws