Our Senior Running Groups

All groups are friendly, consisting of both men and women of a range of ages. All enjoy a mixture of road & trail running, depending on the time of the year. Whether you’re a beginner or a high-level competitor, you will find a suitable group at SDAC.

Which group should I join?

Perhaps begin by looking at their estimated mileage and pace in order to decide with which group you want to start. Look too at their goals. You can then take a look at the Leader Biographies below to find out more.


Group Background


Jim Adams and Ryan Major

Introduction to Running Groups

Groups set up on a regular basis to introduce you to the sport of running. These groups will take someone who has never run before and over the course get them to the point they can run up to 5km.

Helen Hurn’s Group


A group for ‘improvers’ group who are looking to progress from Parkrun to 10k (60-70 mins), or to Half Marathon (2:10-2:30) with emphasis on running for enjoyment and self improvement.


This group will support, encourage and build confidence to enable each individual to realise their own potential and move on accordingly. 


4-6 mile tempo or speed session. Pace 10-12 minute miles depending on the group (or sometimes we just ‘go for a run’.


Hill sessions/routes to help build strength.

Sabrina and Sharon’s group


Runners who enter half marathons are likely to achieve times of between 1:50 & 2:05



Either a speed work session to help established runners who can run up to 5 – 6 miles improve their speed, or a hill session to improve strength.


A 5-6 mile tempo run focusing on continuous speed.  Our pace will be around  8:30 – 9:20 minute pace depending on the group

Greg Clements’ Group.

The group’s pace – depending on the session – ranges between 8.45 and 7.25mm. Half Marathon times of 1:40- 1:55.

We are a friendly bunch and welcome new members either from other SDAC groups or newbies.

The group has many distinct types of runs to improve base line speed, endurance and stamina; while maintaining a sense of fun and enjoyment.  The group runs tends to range between 5 to 7 miles.

Our firm belief is that to get faster/build endurance, training must incorporate the above sessions plus a long weekend run. We also advocate strength and conditioning training as a form of cross training.

Rich Crampton’s Group.


Half marathon times range from about 1:30 – 1:45. 10K times are around 40 – 45 mins. On average we would normally expect to be in the top 25% of most races that we enter.

Sessions are structured but primarily split between efforts on Tuesday, with steadier \ fartlek runs on Thursday. Both average about 50 – 60 mins or approximately 5 – 6 miles, with a longer cross country run on Sunday mornings (up to about 13 miles depending on forthcoming races).

Night routes during winter are limited to road \ paths and include a good mix of both flat and hilly running.

The group sessions are undertaken in a relaxed manner with good banter within the group. The philosophy of the group is to try and get 90% of your ability out for 100% of the time, so we never push to the point of exhaustion which hopefully minimises the risk of training injuries – especially as most of us are the wrong side of 35-40!

Summer sessions are a mixture of cross country runs, and field-based activities on Archway sports field.

We are an open group and welcome anybody that is close to or within our running capabilities to join us and often get other runners popping in and out to suit their needs.

Alan Pitt’s Group.

Runners who enter half marathons are likely to achieve times of between 1:15 – 1:35 Members of this group are generally aiming to be or to stay competitive.

Tuesdays – Speed Sessions

Thursday Fartlek Sessions and Hill Work