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Stroud & District AC – Couch to 5k / Return to Running Group

We will be starting 2 groups on Tuesday November 2nd at 18:30 at Archway School.

Our course is a walk/run program that starts very gently and builds gradually over 6 weeks to be running 30 mins non-stop by Xmas. It is designed for complete beginners as well as previous runners who have got out of the habit and want to re-start.

When the course finishes, we would hope that you all feel comfortable with running and would then continue social running as part of our friendly club, normally twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from Archway School.

The course will require you to become a member of Stroud & District AC – this costs £20 / year and will need to be done before the course starts and will cover all running activities until April 2022. If you have been a member previously or have any issues, just let us know here and we will send you a renewal notice.

To register for the course, you will need to:

  • Become a Stroud & District AC Club member by completing the online form here, making the annual payment of £20.
  • Register your name for the beginners’ sessions here.

The first session will take place on Tuesday November 2nd and will be a combined group where we will get to meet you all and then start our Couch to 5k course. At the end of the session will split into 2 groups for future sessions that will run as follows:

Group 1 – Tuesdays and Thursday

Group 2 – Mondays and Wednesdays

If you have a preference as to which day you took part, then our group leaders will accommodate this. Both groups will operate from Archway and start at 18:30.