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Tom Mortimer Shines at NB Indoor Grand Prix in Staten Island

Stroud’s Tom Mortimer made a big step up in world athletic after making his debut in January at the world tour indoor 3rd tier Bronze event in Manchester to be catapulted by his sponsor New Balance, to compete at the top tier of the World indoor gold standard event in Staten Island New York. There are 7 gold standards events each year which brings the best athletes on the planet together to compete.
Tom took full advantage of his opportunity in the 3000m, doggedly staying with the leaders, and when Abel Mechaal, the Spaniard, kicked away closing the last 1k in 2min 25s. Tom went to the front and gave chase taking the lead pack with him but over the final 400m he tired and finished 7th. Mortimer was a bit disappointed with his finish, but showed for all to see he can mix it with the best in world, plus he will only get quicker at the winter progresses.
This was a very high quality race with the European record being broken by over 2 second, the Scottish record being smashed by over 10s, plus the Spanish, Swiss, and Guatemala national record all falling. Tom Mortimer obliterated his indoor PB by 38s! plus his time of 7min 40.97s is the 2nd fastest of all time by an English man behind Mo Farah 2015 time where he broke the still holds the world indoor record for 2miles.
Link to the event on youtube – the race starts at about 43 minutes.>>