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Tony Christmas Memorial Run – Archway School Sunday April 10th @ 10:30am

The club will be hosting a memorial run for Tony Christmas, a long standing club member and an avid club supporter who passed away last year. The run will be starting at Archway School, probably about 10:30 on Sunday April 10th. The exact time will be confirmed once we have sorted out a venue for a post run social get together. The route will go from the school, out through the Ruscombe fields and up to Randwick woods, once round the woods and then back down again. A detailed map will be available before the event. This is club run and not a race so there will not be any signs or marshals out. The aim is to remember Tony and have a great Sunday run. All club members are welcome and the we hope to have a great turnout with runners of all abilities taking part at their own pace. We will be inviting all club members by email as well as we may need to give an indication of numbers to the pub for the get together afterwards