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Update on Returning to activities

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  • Further to our recent post we are pleased to announce that we have now approved our updated Risk assessment and COVID recovery plan, both of which are available via our website.
  • We have reviewed and implemented the England Athletics guidance on returning to activities as part of preparing our plan.
  • Click here to read the Risk assessment
  • Click here to read the Recovery plan
  • If you have any feedback on these documents do please contact us.
  • We are also pleased to announce that Jo Stevenson has agreed to operate as our Covid-19 Co-coordinator.
  • We will be starting a limited trial next week of group running. Coaches will be contacting some club runners to organise some group activities to test our protocols and provide feedback to Jo and the team.
  • As soon as we have processed this feedback, hopefully by early September, we will be in a position to further expand our return to activities and we will be in contact at that point.
  • At this time there is no access to Archway facilities.