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What we do

Looking for a Running Group?

Stroud & District Athletic Club is a local, friendly and professional club based at Archway School sports hall meeting on a Tuesday and Thursday at 18:00. The club boasts a membership of approximately 350 members, covering an age range from 8 to 80+, and all athletic disciplines and abilities.

Stroud & District Athletic Club has running groups covering all abilities from walk / jog / beginners through to fast and distance running groups. The Club will attempt to match your capability to the most appropriate group based on ability where possible.

In order for us to achieve this, please complete the form by clicking on the Looking for a Running Group? link or selecting ‘Looking For A Running Group’ from the main menu. Please provide as much information regarding your ability (or your general fitness level, any races run, if you are currently running on your own, times, distances etc) and what you would like to achieve so that we can attempt to place you in the correct group. Please don’t worry if you are new to running, just let us know on the form as it will help us initially!

Please note that for the walk / jog / beginners groups, these groups run for a period of months and so can only accept new entrants at the start of the course cycle. 

Selecting the Right Session for Training – Safety First

The Stroud & District Athletic Club has a duty of care to ensure that you are placed within a suitable training group based on both your ability and age.
To ensure that junior athletes are not placed inappropriately, the following process will be followed: 

● The junior member (under 17 years old) will be assessed by the appropriate coach and the junior will be placed with the correct group for their ability.

● Juniors are required to be over 8 years to join the club and over 11 years old to be considered for outside running groups following an assessment of fitness